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A collaboration between deaf and disabled artists and interior architecture students

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What We Found Out

Image - DS2-project2.gif

Student drawing showing different eye-levels as part of follow-up design project for an exhibition.

Making Discursive Spaces was just a beginning – frustrating in many ways for both artists and students because of the shortage of time, and because the collaboration was organized at a very late stage in the design project. In this section we try and show what we found out, both productive and less successful.

The entire project has enabled me to start to articulate to landscape architects, architects, urban designers and planners in a totally new way. I can’t get the idea out of my head that what we have all been focusing on is these areas of accessibility and that non disabled people pick and choose where access is allowed and acceptable… the worry for me is that the accessible places or the adaptations are devised because buildings and spaces were not inclusive in the first instance so then these additions are added that can continue to segregate you. I’d say just blidden get rid of them and start designing organically and ensure disabled people are part of the entire process. I may be being unrealistic but you get my drift?
Email from participating artist 24th May 2007

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