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A collaboration between deaf and disabled artists and interior architecture students

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Next Steps

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Artists involved in the follow-up exhibition design project pose for the camera.

Making Discursive Spaces was always going to raise more questions than it could answer. It turned out to be hard to open up discursive spaces in the context of a conventional architectural education project. But we have learnt many lessons; there are many ways we can each take these forward in our own work; and there are some possible next steps for the project itself.

I think it is so important that we see the experience as a pilot or starting point (…) so lets grab it and wrestle with it and make recommendations to make it better… and ourselves more powerful and productive and ‘heard and seen’ within it.
Evaluator’s email to artist participants July 2007   Next: Summary of lessons learnt
Arts Council England University of Brighton, Interior Architecture and Design

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